5 Tips To Keep Your Home Clean

With the year coming to a close and a new one beginning, I like to feel like we are starting fresh in our home with everything decluttered and clean. I prefer to do a big clean out before the holidays so we aren’t creating mass clutter. You can check out more on that here: Top 3 Tips To Decluttering Your Space. I also like to clean after Christmas and have things back in order by January. Since it is on my mind, I thought I would share some things that help me. I would love to know anything that works for you!

1. System For Cleaning

Creating a system that works for you is so helpful with maintaining and keeping up with your home. Every family and situation is different, so it really is personal preference. I personally zone clean the last week of each month, and maintain the other three weeks. You can read about that here: Weekly Cleaning Schedule. If you prefer to hire help, that could be another great option!

2. Morning & Evening Routines

Creating simple and easy routines for house chores eliminates a build up of whatever mess it may be. For example, I clean the kitchen and run the dishwasher every evening and unload every morning. Usually they only take a few minutes, but make a huge difference. You can read more about PM routines here: Putting The House To Bed.

3. Family Responsibilities

If you have children that are old enough, creating family responsibilities will help disperse the tasks to do. We have our 3 year do things like old pick up his things, put away dirty clothes, put his dishes in the sink, etc.

4. Fits Into Schedule

Finding how and when to maintain your home really depends on each personal situation. I like to integrate things into my daily tasks, however each person has different preferences and responsibilities. Finding something that works for you and your personal needs will help you be able to manage!

5. Products Organized & Accessible

Keeping cleaning products organized and accessible will make it easy for anyone to help. I don’t know why but if my husband has to search for something, chances are he’s not going to do it. Having everything in one place makes systems and routines flow!

As always, sending light and love.




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