Amazon Hubby Finds

I have shared a few posts where I mentioned some of my favorite Amazon finds.  You can check those out here: Amazon Health Finds, Amazon Cozy Finds, Amazon Clothing Finds. Today I wanted to share five of my favorite finds for my husband.

I would love to know your top purchases!

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1.Air Pods

I am sure most people have these by now, but he has absolutely loved his! He said it is so convenient for work as well as golf and hasn’t used anything since I purchased them! We were a little skeptical of the hype, but I will say we totally get it now!


Amazon: Air Pods

2.Golf Gloves

If you know my husband, you know he loves anything and everything golf. It is his big hobby/interest, so anything golf related is a win. He used to wear Titlist gloves, but they are pretty pricey for constantly stocking up on. He found this Texas based brand that he loves and has only worn for the last 3ish years. He prefers the Elite style! I always stock up as a Christmas stocking stuffer (especially for the price).


Amazon: Golf Glove

3.Putting Mat

I recently purchased a new putting mat as something funny for a Father’s Day gift. Little did I know it would be permanently in our room and used 24/7. He loves it!


Amazon: Putting Mat

4.Clipper Set

When businesses were closed we decided to purchase a clipper set so I could do at home haircuts. We have continued home cuts since it is so convenient and easy. I have really enjoyed this set and it has been great!


Amazon: Clippers


We love to use our smoker for different meats, and a good thermometer is definitely needed. My husband has enjoyed this one for anything smoked and uses the Thermoworks Thermapen Mk4 for every day use (wait for discounts/sales).


Amazon: Thermometer

Stay tuned for my toddler favorites!




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