5 Easy Ways To Cut Costs

I have recently shared a few budget posts with the start of the new year. I know many people prioritize finances during this time, and set personal goals related to money. We are personally trying to simplify things, and just be a little more minimal in general.

Today I wanted to share five easy ways to cut costs or reduce monthly spending. I feel like many times we assume we have to make big changes to see a difference, when in reality it can be simple, easy switches.

I would love to know any of your goals this year you have set for yourself or your family!

1.Really Look At Your Grocery Budget/Spending

Look at what you are spending on all grocery items on a monthly basis. This includes grocery trips as well as those “quick trip” purchases that typically include toiletries or stock up items. If you purchase any “health” items where there is a monthly cost or fee, also calculate that into your monthly spending. Notice what you are spending each month, and see where you can reduce costs. Groceries are one of the easiest ways to cut some costs and save money!

Additional Resources: Reducing Your Grocery Bill: Part One & Reducing Your Grocery Bill: Part 2

2.Calculate All Subscription Services

Write down any and all subscription services you pay for each month. This includes all tv streaming services, health/wellness (ex: on demand memberships, gym, fit4mom, etc), and any other subscriptions you may enjoy (beauty boxes, professional development, etc). Decide if you really need ALL, or if there are SOME you can pause or cut out. It is so easy to sign up for multiple things because individually they don’t seem too bad. However, when everything is accumulated into one category it can be a pretty good amount of money you are spending each month!

3. Prioritize Extras

If you are someone who enjoys extra things like nails, eyelash extensions, facials, massages, etc. look at what you are spending on a monthly basis for those things. If you are able to prioritize those “extras” or space them out it will easily cut down costs on a month to month basis and not be calculated as “bill”. If you do love having those things each month, consider adding them into part of your “bills” for budgeting purposes, since it is an ongoing cost.

4.Eating Out/Take Out

Minimizing eating out or take out food will easily cut down monthly costs. Even picking up fast food for a family can quickly add up for one meal. If you are wanting to cut costs of “pick up food” set a monthly goal or plan each week when you will eat out. Be intentional with when you spend money on food since that is an easy cost to avoid!

5.Research Alternatives

No matter what you like or enjoy, there are always cheaper options or alternatives. It may take more time and research on your end, but there are so many ways to reduce costs for items you love!

What are some easy ways you cut costs or spending?

As always, sending light and love!




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