5 Daily Non Negotiables Postpartum

I am coming up on two weeks postpartum, and began thinking about what I am currently prioritizing during this season. I have mentioned before that this time around has been such a different experience than my first (Recovery: Baby 2). I feel like my emotions and hormones are level and balanced, which has allowed me to truly soak everything in and appreciate it. I know that my health and well-being are so important for both our boys and myself.

1 Week Post Partum

I wanted to share five things I have made a daily non-negotiable to prioritize my overall well-being. I would love to know anything you did that was beneficial or essential!


There is nothing greater than a hot shower at the end of the day…especially during recovery. Never feel rushed or guilty for taking a shower, and enjoy every second!


Getting outside is so good for the soul. I have been walking, watching the boys on the trampoline, going to the park, or sitting on the front porch. It can really be anything, but fresh air is a game changer!


I am a huge water drinker, and make it a priority with every season. It will help with healing, nursing, energy, and feeling good! You can check out my water tips here: 3 Tips Drinking Water

4.Something For Myself

I have realized that doing something small for myself every day truly can be rejuvenating and make me feel like me when so many other things are going on. I currently am taking 10 minutes in the morning to read my Bible and journal which feels so great! I have also snuck in some reading!


It can be so easy to forget to eat during this season, however I make sure to eat all meals and snacks in between not only for energy but also to keep my milk supply up. I am in no way thinking about losing the 15 pounds I still have or getting back “in shape”. My body needs this time to heal and recover and I am honoring that!

Bonus: Coffee….all the coffee:)

I would love to know your experiences!

As always, sending light and love!




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