Toddler Educational Materials: Part 2 (Amazon)

Awhile back I shared what I was using to introduce my son to letters, sounds, and numbers. You can check out that post here: Educational Materials . I also have additional information and resources on my Youtube & Instagram (IGTV). For those who don’t know me personally, I am a former first grade teacher and current ESL (English as a second language) teacher!

We have been working on at home lessons for about a year now (started a couple of months after turning 2). Our current lessons include calendar time, letter/sound review, word family practice, beginner readers, sight words, name, letter formation (writing), number identification, and counting. I thought I would share some of my favorite materials that we are using right now. You can also check out some resources I created under Toddler Time!

Stay tuned for videos of actual lesson examples!


I love this calendar because it is easy and includes multiple concepts like days, months, years, seasons, weather, and feelings. I hang it on my son’s closet door and keep extra pieces in a zip lock bag!

2.Alphabet Cards

This is personal preference, but I like using cards that have upper and lower case, as well as an example of the beginning sound. I got mine from Dollar Tree a long time ago, but the ones linked are similar!

3.Magnetic Letters

I use magnetic letters for everything such as name, cvc words, and word families. I personally used these in the classroom and prefer the ones that differentiate vowels and consonants (red and blue).

4.Beginner Readers

I love these books, however I know there are many options out there. There are also pre-readers which is great to use before the first set or level. Each book focuses on a word family and will have one or two basic sight words! As my son masters a book, I place it in his independent reading tub!

5.Sight Word Swat

I really like using this because it is simple and fun for kids. There are color coded cards with the levels and words which is great! We work on a sight word that is in the book we are reading to make the connection and extra practice!

6.Wipe & Clean Book

These books are great for any writing skill or goal you have for your child. We are currently using the one linked for upper and lower case formation, however they have so many different ones available!

7.Spelling Game

My son has loved playing this recently! We are only practicing CVC words, so I will choose a card and cover the spelling. We will sound it out and he will place the correct letters underneath and then check to see if he was correct!

8.Number Puzzle

This is still one of my favorite materials to use because it includes numbers 1-20! We have been using it since day one!

You can also check out some of my favorites from last year here:

As always, sending light and love!



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