Toddler Favorites: Educational Materials

I recently shared some of my favorite toddler books and series. You can check that out here: Favorite Toddler Books. I thought I would continue sharing some of my favorite items for my son. Today I wanted to share some educational materials that we have loved and been using non stop. Stay tuned for other items!

What is your child loving right now? I would love to check it out!


We love puzzles and have a block of our day that is dedicated to puzzles and books. I like to have variety to continuously switch things up and make it fun. I have really enjoyed the Melissa and Doug brand. We use the ladybug letters and alphabet puzzle in our letter lessons, so we tend to do other puzzles during our “puzzle time” to have some variety. Here are are few of our favorites!

Ladybug Upper/Lower Case: Ladybug Letters

Alphabet: Upper & Lower Case

Who Am I: Who Am I?

Alphabet Materials

We have been doing alphabet lessons and using different materials throughout those. Here are some materials I like to use to reinforce letters (in addition to puzzles). You can also check out how I introduced the alphabet below!

Popsicle Letters: Upper & Lower Case

Bath Letters (uppercase): Bath Letters

Magnetic Letters (lowercase): Magnetic Letters

Sheet Protectors: Dry Erase Pocket Sleeve

Number/Counting Materials:

We have also been doing number lessons and using different materials to reinforce number identification and counting. Here are the materials I like to use for those lessons. You can also check out how I am teaching my son below!

Bath Numbers: Bath Numbers

Puzzle: Number Matching

Bears: Bear Manipulative

Letter/Sound Introduction Lessons:

Number/Counting Introduction Lessons:


Hope everyone is staying healthy and safe!




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