Quarantine Self Care

Like many of you, I am sure you are in a few weeks of self isolation or quarantine. Our family started the week of March 15th, so we are currently in our fourth week. Now that my son and I have a new groove and rhythm to our day, I have started to focus on my personal needs during this strange time. I recognize I am able to set the tone and energy for the day, so it is extremely important that I am filling up my own cup. My priority is to continue to make the days happy and joyful amidst the heartache, anxiety, and unknown.

I like to be mindful of all components of heath and wellness when taking care of myself. I think each area is so important and creates peace and balance. I thought I would share some simple things I am doing to take care of my physical, mental, and emotional health. Although there are more, I think these areas are extremely important during this season.

 I would love to know how you are taking care of yourself during this time.

1.Physical Health

Valuing our health and bodies is so important! They are the vehicles that provide for us throughout everything and I am appreciating mine more and more. I have continued exercising 5 days a week and maintaining our “normal” eating habits/meals. I know that movement and food will alter how I feel, and I want to feel good during this difficult time (as well as relieve some stress and provide nutrients/fuel). I am taking as many workouts I can outside, which has felt amazing, as well as playing outside as much as possible. We are still trying to eat as many fresh foods while working with what we have (or what is available) as well as remain diligent with our water.

Exercise, nutrition, water, and sunshine are ways I am choosing to take care of my physical health. 


2.Mental Health

Our mental health is also so important. I truly believe that our mindset and thoughts radiate throughout our bodies. Mental health has been challenging, especially in the first couple weeks of adjusting to our new “normal”. I really had to figure out how I could maintain a good head space and recognize what I needed to do to create that.

I have chosen to focus/read only a couple of news sources a day so my mind isn’t completely overwhelmed. I have been more diligent in my personal development in the mornings (sermons, faith training/courses) that I listen to after I teach so I can start the day in a good mental state. I have also continued to journal (gratitude) which is always a good shift in perspective as well as pray, pray, and pray some more (allocated quiet time with God).


Selective news sources, personal development, gratitude,and prayer are ways I am choosing to take care of my mental health.

3.Emotional Health

What we are feeling and personally experiencing is also so important to acknowledge and take care of. Even though we are all connected through this hardship, our reality and day-to-days are extremely different from one another. I am sure many of us are experiencing emotions/feelings we have never been through before, and that is okay.

During isolation, continuing to make connections is necessary. We are so blessed to have technology and to be able to have “virtual happy hours” with our friends or a family hangout with our loved ones. I am continuing to take advantage of technology to stay grounded with others. I also wake up early (and finish teaching an hour before the house wakes up) so I can have quiet time/me time. I think this is so important as a parent to have time to just be.


Connections and quiet time are ways I am choosing to care for my emotional health.

I hope everyone is staying healthy and safe during this time, and finding ways to take care of themselves. Sending all my love.





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