Joyful Living: Part 1

This past year I have really made it an intention to focus on my mind and the power it holds over my every day life and experiences. I have always been a happy and positive person ever since I could remember. I think a lot of that came from being a military kid and constantly changing and uprooting every couple of years. I learned I had the choice to respond to change in a positive or negative way, but it was going to happen regardless. Looking back I am so thankful for a valuable lesson at such a young age.

If you are a parent, you probably have had the realization that becoming one changes everything. Your world is completely different once your precious child arrives. For me personally, I had to really re-visit my mindset and way of thinking, especially leaving my career and staying home. Don’t get me wrong, having a child and becoming a mom is the BEST thing that has ever happened to me. I am now in a place where I really want to be intentional with my mind and energy, so I can be the best version of myself in the normal day to day. I want my son to see what a joyful life looks like and realize that it is a choice he has the power to make.

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I thought I would share 10 ways I stay happy, joyful, and positive. Of course, I have my “off” days or times just like anyone else. Below are the first five. I will share the remainder later this week. Hopefully some of these can inspire or motivate you. As always, I would love to know anything you do!

1. Practice Daily Gratitude 

This can look different for everyone. For me, I journal every morning as well as thank/praise at the start of prayer. It is simply a way to acknowledge and appreciate all the gifts you have been given. If you want to start feeling gratitude write or think why you are grateful for each thing.

2. Say Thank You

Take the time to show appreciation to others and let them know they are valuable and important.

3. Positive Affirmations

Once again this can look different for everyone. I have around 5-6 that I say every morning out loud that speak joy into my life. One example I personally say is, “Love, happiness, and God’s spirit flow and radiate through me”. Think of the things you want in your life or are important to you and speak them into your reality.

4. Morning & Night Routine

Create a positive routine to start and end your day. Are you being intentional with how you wake up and go to bed? What is the first thing you do and the last? What are your thoughts and how do they shape your day? I am very structured with our son and his routines, but can easily put myself on the back burner. I have to continuously remind myself how important mornings and evenings are for my own health and well-being.

What if you started each day appreciating every small thing you are able to do? For example…I am so thankful to wake up in a warm bed and roof over my head. I am so thankful my body moves and supports me throughout the day. I am so thankful for plumbing and clean water. I am so thankful for electricity and being able to control the temperature of my home so we are comfortable. I am so thankful to have a loving husband and wonderful child. I am so thankful to get ready for a job that provides for our family…..

What if you ended each day focusing on the BEST part of the day and really feeling the joy and gratitude from that moment before you went to sleep?

5. Address Negative Thoughts

I think it is so important to address any negative thoughts or feelings that enter your mind so you can acknowledge them and work through them. Decide what you are going to do to change those thoughts/feelings and take action to redirect or change them. You are in control!




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