Vision Boards

With the year winding down and a new one approaching, I am starting to think about my goals and vision for 2020. This past year was the first year I created a vision board. It was something I had tried before but never really looked at or followed through with. I decided to make it my home screen on my desktop so it was something I looked at every day. I am truly amazed how many things I accomplished! The constant visual reminder really did help me have those goals in the forefront of my mind on a daily basis.

I wanted to share some tips when creating a vision board, and what I have found works best for me! I would love to know if you create vision boards and what works for you!

Vision Example

1.Create Categories

Think of different categories or aspects of your life you want to improve, excel, or obtain. For me personally I think of family, health, spirituality, career/business, personal development, finances, travel, and material items. Once you have a general idea of your personal categories, you can begin to think of goals for each one.

2.Chose 1-2 Goals For Each Category

Keep it simple and BIG picture for the year. Don’t overwhelm yourself with too many goals where you feel like there is no chance to make changes. Depict what is most important to you, so you can truly take the daily actions to make it happen!

3.Find Visuals That Represent Each Goal

Search for visuals/pictures that represent each goal. For example, I have a piggy bank for our savings goal with the actual goal amount written on top. Find things that inspire you and are visually appealing!

4.Be Specific

Try to be specific where you can! For example, I wrote actual money amounts for my finance goals. I also wrote how many classes I wanted to teach each month for online teaching. Try to be as specific as possible so you know what you are trying to achieve and it’s not too vague where there is no direction. For example, if your goal is to save more that could be $5 more or $5,000 more. Add in where you can!

5.Look At It Every Day

Have it somewhere where you can see it every day! If you want to create it on a poster, hang it somewhere you will actually look. I chose to create mine on Google Slides so I could save it as my background and edit it along the way by placing “checks” on top of specific goals/items.


If you chose to create a vision board, have fun with it! It has been a positive reminder for me that encourages me to continue to take action towards the things I want/desire for myself and family. If there are goals you did not accomplish at the end of the year, have grace and continue striving towards it! It is a great way to keep perspective of what you are working towards!




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