Goal Setting Reminders & Tips

I don’t know about you, but I enjoy setting personal goals and creating a vision for the year. I think it is fun to see what unfolds and to have different things to work towards. I have shared tips to easily goal set and create vision boards that you can check out here: Vision Boards & Goal Setting. Today I wanted to share additional tips and things I have learned when creating goals. Are you planning to set goals for the year?

1.Successful With Lifestyle

I think it is so important to create goals that can be successful in your personal lifestyle. It is easy to create goals that are unrealistic or work for other people. Take the time to think about things that are manageable for you and create from there!

2.Lose All Or Nothing Mentality

It is so easy to get sucked into an “all or nothing” mentality on multiple things in life. I have personally been there when it comes to nutrition and exercise and do not plan to go back. I feel like we immediately set ourselves up for failure when we have this mentality and end up creating unhealthy habits. Allow yourself to make mistakes and learn along the way.

3.Plan Of Action

Creating some type of plan will help you actually achieve the goals you set for yourself. If you go in with no plan, chances are things aren’t going to magically happen. Make a game plan that once again fits with your lifestyle that is obtainable and realistic.

4.Value In Routines/Habits

I have shared how I love routines and why I think they are so valuable. You can check that out here: Why I Value Routines. I also have shared some personal routines you can see here: PM Routine & 5 Family Routines. I think there is so much value in creating habits or routines to reach a goal. There is power in consistency and repeating small changes day after day.

5.System Of Checks & Balances

Creating a system where you can check in with your progress is also an important piece. This could be daily, weekly, or monthly depending on the goal. I personally like to keep things organized in my drive and make note of things monthly for anything I am tracking (ex: finances).

What are some things you are working towards?

As always, sending light and love.




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