Postpartum Check Up: What To Expect

I have shared a couple posts discussing prenatal care and what to expect with each doctor’s visit. You can check those out here: Prenatal Appointments: 1st Half & Prenatal Appointments: 2nd Half. You can also check out some additional videos below!

I thought I would share what to expect with a standard 6 week check up postpartum (9 weeks if C-section) since that is generally the only appointment after the baby. Typically the doctor will schedule your postpartum checkup at your last prenatal appointment, or will contact you through the patient portal.

If you have a vaginal birth, this appointment is quick and easy. The main things the doctor will check are physical healing, emotional state, and birth control needs (if applicable). Usually, you will be asked to fill out a mental health questionnaire prior to your appointment so they know what to discuss, or if additional help is needed. I strongly recommended being extremely honest, and asking for help if you feel like things aren’t improving!

When you arrive you will get your vitals taken (blood pressure and weight), go over the questionnaire with the nurse and let them know anything specific you want to discuss with the doctor, and undress for a general female exam. The doctor will do a quick physical exam and clear you for all “normal” activity or discuss healing progress/expectations as well as go over post partum depression/anxiety. They will also send in a prescription if you choose to do any type of birth control.

After the “all clear” you are good to go!

As always, sending light and love!



Additional Videos:

Glucose Test, Pregnancy Costs: Pre Hospital


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