Budgeting For Holiday Spending

With September already here, I have already started planning our holiday spending for the year. I personally like to space purchases out so it doesn’t feel like everything is all at once. This is definitely personal preference and depends on how much you purchase for others. I thought I would share what I like to do to keep track of our spending and gifts for our family and friends in case you are wanting to start early. You can check out last year’s tips here: Budgeting/Stress Free Holiday Tips.

I would love to know anything that works for you or your family!

1.Make A List Of People & Additional Gifting

I mentioned last year how I make a list of all the people we are planning to purchase for. This includes our immediate family, parents, siblings, nieces/nephews. I personally like to keep it in a google document and update it as needed. I also write down additional gifts or spending we typically do during that time such as friends weekend, angel tree, and donations. I also write down an amount next to each person or item so I can get a general idea of how much we will be spending overall.

For our boys, I have a total amount allocated and then I have it broken up between Santa, mom/dad, brother. I write what I plan to give under each, the amount, and then check it off once I have purchased. I also make note of how much we have spent out of the total allocated amount. I also include stocking stuffers and what I plan to purchase.

2.Look For Deals/Discounts

Most of my purchases are from Amazon, so I am constantly checking to see if anything is marked down on our list. I have already been able to purchase a couple items that had a random 20% discount for our toddler. Having a list of planned items is helpful here because you know what to keep an eye on. I also take advantage of Kohls deals and apply coupons from my Amazon returns, as well as check on my favorited items from Etsy. Not being rushed to purchase helps with being able to take advantage of any discounts!

3.Purchase A Little At A Time

I talked about making a plan and keeping track of your purchases last year. Having some sort of plan helps spread gifts out over a 3 month or so period. I am currently purchasing a couple gifts with each of my paychecks from online teaching. It is an easy way for me to mentally remember and space things out, but is once again a personal preference and depends on individual situtions!

Do you start collecting gifts early?

As always, sending light and love.




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