1 Meat…5 Meals

I have shared a couple meal planning/food budgeting posts that you can check out here: Meal Planning Tips & Reducing Groceries. A suggestion I have made is using one type of meat multiple ways throughout the week to get the most out of your purchase. This is especially helpful if you buy in bulk or larger quantities. We have recently been planning our meat around sales and have gotten some really good deals! You can always use what you need for that week and then freeze and date the remainder. We like to trim and clean up any larger meats so it is one less thing to do once we actually need to use it!

A couple weeks ago we purchased a pork butt and used half for barbeque and the other half for carnitas. I thought I would share some ideas when using one type of meat because there is truly so much variety you can plan for your family to enjoy. I will also be posting ideas for beef and chick, so stay tuned for that!



This can be tailored to exactly what your family likes, which is so nice! We used a sheet pan and layered chips, mashed black beans, cilantro lime rice, pork, and cheese. We added toppings like lettuce, red onion, and sour cream! You could also add a veggie in for a side and make the meal on a smaller sheet pan! It was one of our favorite dinners we have had!


We used the carnitas to make enchiladas, and wow were they good! The inside was just pork, rice, seasoning, and the sauce was sour cream based. This was a hit with all family members and tasted great leftover, which is always a bonus! You can serve with any sides your family enjoys, or eat as is!


This is truly one of our favorite pizzas to make, and is very filling! We use BBQ sauce as the base, Mexican cheese, pork, red onion, and jalapenos. Even our toddler loves this pizza! You can serve with a salad or any side veggie you want!


We love doing huge salads once a week or so! We will usually just make a mixed plate for our son (meat, veggie, carb) with what we are using on the salad and he has never complained. We love making Carnitas with pork so salads are always an easy go to! Some of our favorite toppings are Spanish rice, corn, black beans, onion, cheese, and salsa!


This is such an easy go to because it can truly be whatever sides your family enjoys. You could also do sandwiches if that is the preference!

What are some of your favorite meals to make with pork? Stay tuned for more ideas!

As always, sending light and love.




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