5 Things I Do After A Trip

I recently shared some things I like to do before we go on a trip. You can check out that post here: 5 Things I Do Before A Trip. I thought I would also share some things I like to do after a trip or on the day we return.

I would love to know anything you like to do!


I mentioned in my IGTV Family Packing Go Tos that I like to take a laundry bag when we travel so I can separate our clothes and immediately throw them in the wash when we return. I am low maintenance when it comes to clothes and generally wash almost everything together (aside from towels, sheets, work clothes). If I am able to, I wash before we return so it is one less thing for me to do!


If we are on a family trip, I usually meal plan and make our grocery list on the car ride home while my husband drives. Since we leave early in the mornings on travel days, I am able to run to the store the day we return and stock up the fridge and pantry. You can check out some of our staples below!

3.Check Credit/Debit

I typically check our banking daily, however I think it is so important to double check accounts after a trip. We have had some strange charges that I was immediately able to catch because of this!

4.Movement & Hydration

We love going on family walks, and try to make it a priority on days we have been in the car. It feels so good to move your body after sitting for such a long time. My husband and I also make sure we are drinking plenty of water on travel days!

5.Early Bed Time

Since our schedule is thrown when we travel, we make it an early bed time night for the entire family. I try to get everything unpacked and taken care of so I can get into bed shortly after we put the boys down!

As always, sending light and love!




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