Traveling & Staying On Track

As I was packing and preparing for a week of travel, I started thinking about things I naturally do that help set me stay on track with my health and wellness when I am out of my “routine”. I try to plan as much as I can, however I also recognize I have to be extremely flexible with my expectations and mindset. I thought I would share what has worked best for me. I would love to know anything that works well for you with traveling!

Travel 5

1.Pack your favorite go to snacks that are easy!

I like to pack as many snacks as I can for our family. It keeps everyone happy and is an easy way to eat something healthier when you are in a bind or need a pick me up. My favorites are fruit (bananas, oranges, apples), bars, trail-mix, protein powder/greens powder, veggie straws/crackers/squeeze packs (little man).

2. Water, water, water!

We like to bring our hydro-flasks with us everywhere to keep us on track with our water intake. Even if our eating is off track, drinking the same amount of water helps SO much! We feel such a difference when we are lacking on water, so that is a huge priority for us when we are out of our normal routine.

3.Stock Fridge (if applicable)

If we are able to stock up on fresh items we always take advantage of having a fridge accessible. We will make a quick trip to the store for items like veggies (pre-cut), salads (pre-made or bags), fruits (berries), string cheese, turkey, yogurt, etc. It helps having items on hand and not feeling like you have to eat out for every meal.

4.Look At The Menu

If eating out is our only choice, I always look at the menu and decide what I want beforehand. This truly helps me not only stay on track but also give my body nutrients and feel good. I try to consume as many vegetables as possible while still enjoying the foods I want to eat.

5.Find Ways To Move

I try to stay consistent with my exercise routine (as much as I can) while we travel because it helps me feel good throughout the trip. If there is a hotel gym accessible I will take advantage of that, however if not I will make sure to have at home workouts downloaded and ready. This helps me eliminate excuses and hold myself accountable.

BONUS: Be Kind To Yourself

If you have health and wellness goals and fall off track during travel, it is OKAY and totally normal. Give yourself grace and do the best you can. Also, enjoy yourself! It is all about finding a balance that works for YOU!

What are some things that you have found work best when you travel or are out of your normal routine? 









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