What I Learned In My Twenties

As I enter my thirties, I can’t help but reflect on everything I learned in my twenties.  Although there were MANY lessons along the way, there are a few that stick out the most to me….


  1. Take care of your mind, body, and soul.
  2. Take the time to figure out who you are without external factors determining your happiness or wholeness.
  3. Create and maintain a strong support system of relationships.
  4. Practice gratitude every day.
  5. Understand and appreciate that people enter your life for different reasons. Some aren’t meant to be there throughout each chapter. Hold onto those who are your “roots”. They will love you, support you, and lift you up throughout it all.
  6. Let go of negative/toxic energy as hard as it may be. You deserve to live at the highest frequency.
  7. Be the person you enjoy being around and speak loudly with your actions.
  8.  Never stop learning, growing and evolving.
  9. Entering a marriage or serious relationship will not create happiness. Your happiness is created within yourself and they are there to enhance what is already present. Find your light and shine.
  10. Fill yourself up so you pour out to others. Nothing can be given from an empty cup.
  11. Be happy in the silence.
  12. Apologize and forgive.
  13. Memories will always be more valuable than materials.
  14. Pray, meditate, connect, and ground yourself.
  15. Becoming a parent will change you in the best way possible. Embrace the change and know you have been given the greatest gift of raising a child.

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