Preventative Health: 30 Years

Yesterday, I finished my last health appointment of the summer and it made me think of preventative health and what my husband and I are making a priority during this season of life. I have always valued health and the importance of preventative care. I became more knowledgeable of health education during my graduate program, and have continued to stay interested and invested in overall wellness.

I began scheduling all of our appointments in the summer because it was the easiest with teaching. It has now become a tradition to get them all done during those few months, which I am sure my husband is thrilled about. Many times the hardest part is just making the appointments. I thought I would share what preventative steps we are taking at 30 years old and what we will continue to do moving forward.

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1.Physical/Wellness Check

This is our standard check-up with our primary doctors. We do the typical height, weight, vitals, physical and blood work for many different tests. Our doctors also ask if there is anything specific we want looked at further following the general exam (you may need to let them know of anything additional when scheduling the appointment so they can make time for that).

**Blood tests can be amazing with seeing if you have any deficiencies and need to supplement in specific areas. I have been extremely low in Vitamin D the past 2 years so I am on a prescribed supplement until my levels reach a normal range, then will switch to an over the counter supplement.  It definitely is eye opening!


This is our standard yearly check-up with the common screenings. Our eyes haven’t really changed prescription wise but we like doing the health assessments and getting a new pair of glasses, contacts, or sunglasses!

3. Dentist

We stick to our 6 month cleanings and always have one of them in the summer!

4. Dermatologist

This was the first time we went to a dermatologist per doctor recommendation (due to age). We have the option of doing a general skin check during our annual, but decided to begin in depth annual screenings.


I go annually per my doctors recommendation, however I know many doctors will recommend 3-5 years if there is no family history.


Additional: If there is anything concerning in your family, I high recommend asking your primary doctor what age is a good time to begin screenings. They will go over everything with you and then you will get an idea of when you need to begin implementing them!

We like to stay on top of the recommended time to go for each appointment so our doctors can have a data base of our records and notice if things change. We also make a conscious effort to take care of ourselves the best way we can. We are in no way perfect at it, but are aware and that is so important!


Have a blessed day!



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