Toddler Car Activities Part 2

With holiday season approaching, I wanted to give some ideas for travel activities. I have shared some of my favorite car activities you can find here (Toddler Activity Bag Favorites For Road Trips), however I thought I would give an updated version. We recently went on a 6.5 hour road trip and I purchased some new items for our older son that he absolutely loved! He will be five at the end of December for reference. You can also check out some of my favorite baby items for the car here: Baby Activity Bag Favorites For Car Trips

I would love to know some of your favorites!

1.Sticker By Number

2.Busy Book

3.Doodle Book

4.I Spy/ Where’s Waldo

5.Coloring Book

I try to limit the IPAD to 1 hour during travel so I like to have options for both of our boys! I also purchase one new toy for each just so they have something exciting.

I am also sharing gift ideas for toddlers on my channel if you are in need!

As always, sending light and love.



Links are affiliate. I appreciate the support!


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