A New Baby Is Hard

I have recently been talking to a girlfriend who just had a baby about parenthood, expectations, and reality. As we have had multiple conversations on different topics, I realized that people in general stray away from talking about the hardships with a new baby. I remember when I was pregnant with our first son, I would think to myself that our child would be different from what people “warned” me about or tried to give advice on. For some reason, I told myself our baby would be the exception. Spoiler…he was not.

I think it is so important to have those honest conversations with others going through it, especially the first time around. My husband and I are very open with parenting topics, however will never give unwarranted advice or opinions on things. I truly believe that people want to figure things out on their own and each experience or situation is completely different and unique. We are an open book to those who ask, however understand that people have to go through it to truly understand it. Parenting is a funny thing because until you are in the thick of it, you don’t fully understand what it entails.

Those first few weeks or months with a baby can feel isolating, draining, and simply overwhelming. I thought I would share some things that have helped me and hopefully encourage others! I would love to know anything that helped you.

  • Reach out to people (professional or personal). Simply talking about it can help so much.
  • Ask for help, especially if your mental health is being compromised.
  • We all deal with stress differently. Communicate with your partner what you are feeling or needing.
  • Remember you are not alone, even though middle of the night feels completely isolating.
  • People only share the good moments.
  • Your life changed completely overnight. It will take time to adjust.
  • Even though it doesn’t seem like it at times, you will get over the hump.
  • Nothing is a one size fits all…what works for one person may not work for you.
  • You are learning and figuring out your baby, just as they are learning about you and the world.
  • You are in a transitional season.
  • Your experience is your own.
  • Find someone who can be an anchor to you and keep you grounded.

And of course, once you are on the other side…be a light to someone else.

As always, sending light and love.



Additional Gifts We Are Giving 2021

I recently shared what I am giving our family here. I personally like seeing what other people are doing because it helps spark ideas for people I am gifting to. I thought I would piggy back off those videos and share some additional ideas for people you may want to give a gift to this year. Our extended family is typically easy because most of them have an Amazon wish list that we can purchase from which is wonderful. I highly reccomend having some type of list other people can access for ideas!

You can also check out more ideas under my gift tab here. I would love to know anything you are excited about giving this year!

1.Teacher Shirt

This year, I am gifting some shirts from Etsy to both of my son’s teacher along with a Target gift card. I feel like it is always nice to do something thoughtful for teachers in addition to a gift card. As a former teacher, I loved receiving gift cards because I could purchase what I truly wanted or needed!

2.Photo Frame With App

If you are gifting for a parent or grandparent, a digital frame may be a really good option. There are multiple companies that have a corresponding app which is basically a shared photo album. Pictures that are uploaded to the app are shown on the frame. Multiple people can upload pictures and the frame is constantly showing current ones! These have a higher price point, so it could be a great combined gift with others.

3.Water Color

My mom requested a water color print of their house, which I thought was a great idea and something different! There are are many options of what you could choose to get a painting of for someone as well as hand painted or digital. A lot of times you can also add text or personal touches which is great.

4.Holiday Pajama Set

I love a good pajama set, especially fun ones for the holidays. It is always my go to for people I want to get a little something for, but don’t want to break the bank. I personally love Target, however there are so many amazing companies and brands. I also like adding a coffee gift card for the cozy vibe!

5.Photo Calendar

My sister gifted my mom a photo calendar easel last year, and I thought it was so cute. We had family pictures done that year, so I thought it was a perfect way to use the pictures and show case them. If you have family pictures done, something like this would be a great way to use them!

Stay tuned for what I am doing in our stockings on my You Tube. I would love for you to subsribe!

As always, sending light and love.



Family Advent Calendar Tips

I have shared how we do our family advent calendar in a post, video, and some IGTVs. You can check those out here: Bridwell Family Advent Calendar 2019, Family Advent 2020 (video), Week One Activities, and Week Two Activities (IGTV). I am continuing the tradition this year, however now have another child in the mix. It has become such a fun tradition to do in the month of December and allows the perfect opportunity to create special memories with the boys. I thought I would share some things I have learned while doing this the last two years that make things easier on me as I plan each week and activity. I would love to know any traditions your family has or loves doing during this time of year!

  • Have a general idea of when you want to do certain things. For example, you may have to see Santa on a weekend or incorporate activities with the entire family on non working days.
  • Make a list of activities you are wanting to do and then map out in a calendar for a general overview.
  • Look up any fun activities or things to do in your city.
  • Collect any items needed early (ex: new pajamas, crafts, ornaments, etc).
  • Write slips one week at a time so you can change things around and be flexible if needed.
  • Have something reusable for anything your children open .
  • Make it exciting and special!

Our son LOVES doing advent calendar and looks forward to it this time of year. He has already been talking about when we get to start!

As always, sending light and love.