Summer Favorites 2022

With the school year starting up, and summer dwindling down I thought I would share some of my favorite items I frequently used the past few months. I love trying new things and am always curious what people are using or recommend!

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I always apply sunscreen on my face in the mornings. I completely used this one up throughout the summer and loved it. It has been one of my favorite ones I have tried and I will definitely repurchase!

2.Wet Bag

I love keeping a wet bag of summer items in my car such as sunscreen, googles, swim diapers, etc. They are great to use for wet swim suits, or dirty clothes (younger kiddos). I use also them traveling for the pool, boat, lake, etc. to keep our personal items in.

3.Fanny Pack

I love the fanny pack trend because it allows me to be hands free with my kids. It has been perfect for my essentials and easy to through into a diaper bag or larger purse!

4.Mini Wet Brush

I have loved and used my wet brush for years, however I have recently been keeping a mini one in my fanny pack. It is so nice for days you are in the water. I have used many times wither for myself or the boys!


I was gifted On Cloud’s for my birthday and I have loved them! They have become my every day sneaker as well as the one I use for cross training, running, etc. I had to go up half a size and they are perfect!


I can’t recommended taking advantage of your local library enough. I am an avid reader and no longer purchase books or any audio book. They truly have everything, and if they don’t you can make requests!

What were some of your favorite items this summer? I would love to know!

As always, sending light and love.



6 Months Closing Apple Rings

If you wear an Apple watch, I am sure you are familiar with with closing your rings. For those who do not wear one, you basically have three different rings to track your movement (personal goal), exercise minutes, and stand time. I made a personal goal that I wanted to try to close all three as many days as possible and now I am at the six month mark of closing them daily, which is wild!

I thought I would share some reflections and things that have stood out to me during this time. I would love to know if you use any accountability system!

  • Movement is medicine
  • Find things you enjoy to do
  • You do not have to have a structured workout to move. I had many days where I would walk, stretch, chase my kids, or swim with my family as my exercise.
  • Make time for yourself if you want it to become a priority
  • Create consistency
  • Motivation fades…focus on creating habits
  • Do things for you, not anyone else
  • Your watch is a tool, not the end all be all
  • Include your friends or family

As always, sending light and love.



3 Things We Do In Our Marriage: Part 3

My husband and I recently celebrated our seventh year of marriage with a much needed getaway. Each year I like to reflect on different aspects of our marriage and share some thoughts. You can check out the following posts here: 3 Things We Do In Our Marriage, 3 Things We Do In Our Marriage: Part 2, and What I Wouldn’t Change About Our Wedding.

I thought I would share three more things that I think have been important for our marriage over the past year with adding another little one to the mix. I would love to know anything that works for you and your spouse!

1.Trip Together

Since we both have summer birthdays and an anniversary we decided to take a trip together instead of exchange gifts as well as make it a yearly tradition. It was so nice having alone time and can be much needed when you have little people at home!

2.Love Language

I have realized the other we get, the more important it is to know each other’s love language and practice them. My husband and I are opposite so we both have to be mindful to do things to make the other feel loved or appreciated.

3.Time Together

I mentioned in a previous post finding hobbies or activities to do together. However, I also think it is important just to have down time with one another. We are very consistent with our boy’s bedtime which allows us to have time together from 7-10pm every night.

As always, sending light and love.