Fit Your Fit: Peloton Live Stream & On Demand

I have heard so many things about the Peloton workouts from good friends that have purchased the bike. I am not a huge cycler, so I haven’t really had an interest in purchasing one due to the cost. However, I didn’t realize until recently how much you can still access without one! I enjoy working out at home simply for convivence, but have really been wanting to switch things up. I am so glad I finally looked into the live stream and on demand option. I am currently enjoying the 30 day trial and wanted to give my thoughts so far! It truly is another “netflix” for fitness with so many great options, formats, and time options!

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The on demand option gives you access to all workouts through your computer or phone/ipad app. If you have an apple watch you can connect the workouts to your watch which is pretty neat. The app is organized into class formats or types of workouts. Classes include categories such as strength, yoga, meditation, cardio, stretching, cycling, outdoor (audio), running, walking, and boot camp. Within each category you can filter based on your specific needs such as instructor, difficulty, length, and music. You also have the option to join live classes which are displayed at the top of your main page with format and time. There is also a schedule if you want to plan your week on the live class options or do classes with friends in real time!

With the app, you have profile stats you can access at any time. It will show all workouts you have completed and the format of those workouts. You can also view every completed workout and access your stats (if connected to watch) to show total calories burned and heartrate throughout the workout. There are challenges and awards you can also earn. This element of the digital platform reminds me a lot of Orange Theory.

After the first 30 days the on demand option is $12.99 a month. I know the cost is different if you purchase the actual bike, so this is solely for the digital option only.


  • Easy and convenient to use
  • So many great options and can be tailored to exact needs
  • Reasonable price for the amount of workouts you can access
  • Live class options
  • Workout stats and data saved in your profile
  • Ability to link to watch- heart rate displayed on screen throughout workout
  • Good music


  • No “programs” to follow- choose what you want each day/week
  • Cost increases with bike purchase
  • Purchase or have access to equipment used
  • Technology — things can happen unexpectedly

Overall I am really loving the classes! I am excited to try different ones and think the workouts are great! I will definitely continue for the next few months!

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Women’s Gift Guide 2020: Part 1

I recently shared a men’s gift guide with some of my husband’s favorite gifts throughout the years. You can check out those posts here: Men’s Gift Guide: Part 1 & Men’s Gift Guide: Part 2. Today I wanted to share some of my go-to gifts for women including our moms, sisters, and girlfriends. I would love to know some of your favorites!

1.Skin Care

I feel like skin care is something that women appreciate but don’t always want to spend the money on. I typically ask for skincare for my birthday (June) and Christmas so I’m not purchasing too much throughout the year and am set for that 6 month period. There are so many great options now days with a variety of price points. I tend to stick to more natural products with pregnancy, nursing, etc. My three favorite brands are Drunk Elephant , Mad Hippie , and Eminence . I have also been trying Tula but don’t know my full thoughts yet.


I love a new set of PJs and tend to throw in a pair to many of the gifts I give. Knowing someone’s preference will help when gifting a new pair. For example there are gowns, dresses, short sets, long pant sets, etc. I absolutely love the Target sets, but there are so many great brands!


I always appreciate a new pair of sneakers for working out or for casual wear. I actually have gifted both our moms sneakers and am gifting another pair this year. It is another one of those things that women may not want to purchase themselves but will use. My current favorite workout shoe is the Adidas Cloudfoam and casual is the Adidas Classic. Definitely keep in mind personal preferences and lifestyle if it is something you are gifting!

4.Themed Basket

I love a good themed basket and feel like it is always an easy go to if you are stuck with what to give. I have gifted different themes to multiple family members including cozy/selfcare, fitness/health, travel, and coffee. It is also a nice gift because the price point can be whatever you are wanting to spend!

5.Gift Certificate

It is always nice to receive something where you can go take care of yourself or do something enjoyable/relaxing. This can be tailored to the person and can range from a massage, nails, facial, blow out, lashes, etc. It could also be something not self care related such as a cooking class or play/musical.

Stay tuned for part 2!



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1st Trimester Recap: Second Pregnancy

I recently shared we are expecting our second child at the beginning of May. We are so excited to grow our family and watch our son become a big brother. I shared trimester recaps with my first pregnancy, so wanted to document this pregnancy as well! My first trimester was definitely different this time around which has been a humbling experience.

Since we were trying with this pregnancy I found out a few days before my missed period. I had similar symptoms of “knowing” I was pregnant such as extremely tender breasts, hot flashes, breakouts, deep sleep, etc. Shortly after, I experienced light headedness/motion sickness with certain things like laying down or getting up too fast which lasted a good month. Weeks 4-7 I had to use the restroom throughout the night, would wake up sobbing from dreams they were so intense and had the nausea kick in. I felt like I was living my worst college hangover weeks 5-10 from the moment I woke up to the moment I went to bed. I lived off of toast, grilled cheese, crackers, and extremely bland foods. I never threw up but had the constant feeling of needing to along with the mouth watering and sweating where you wish you could just to feel better. Working out/movement was just out of the question which was disheartening since that wasn’t the case with my son.

Along with the nausea I also had pretty bad headaches, extreme hot flashes, a lot of bloating and shortness of breath. I had some spotting which was later explained in my sonogram but was definitely nerve racking. I was napping every day when my son was napping and took full advantage of sleep. Around week 9 I started to feel better and week 10 is when I started to take a turn for the better. I had my first appointment at week 10, started running, didn’t have to nap every day, and overall felt so much better! Weeks 11-13 were the same which was amazing!

My first appointment was a similar experience as my first just further along. I believe we did our first ultrasound at 7 weeks with our son, and 10 weeks with this baby! My husband was able to go with me so that was really special, especially with all of the current restrictions.

First Appointment Expectations

-Pay deposit and first payment for whatever your “plan” is

-Urine sample (every appointment)

-Sonogram ( we did vaginal this time and could see so much more detail)

-Vitals/flu shot/ general information with nurse

-Sonogram info from doctor/information/questions

-Women exam


-Payment plan papers/signatures

I have been back from my second appointment (14 weeks) which consisted of payment, urine sample, vitals and baby’s heartbeat!

I am so thankful to be feeling better and more like myself, which I know that is not the case for a lot of women. We also really like our new doctor and feel at ease after meeting and getting to know him a little more!

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