Summer Activity Ideas For Kids

With summer quickly approaching, I have begun thinking about activities and things to to do with the boys while our oldest is out of his Mother’s Day Out program. I am so thankful to be home with them and create memories together during this time. I thought I would share some things we plan to do and different activities we will take advantage of. I would love to know any your plans with kids!

1.Story Time

This is a free weekly activity that we love to go to! Our library also has additional monthly activities that are given to families, so your library is a great place to get connected!


Our older son is at an age where he enjoys activities and things to do. His is going to take swim lessons all summer along with a couple weeks of art class. I try to be mindful with any commitments because I also want to have the flexibility to travel and see our family/friends.

3.Splash Pads/Pools

Depending on where you live there typically are splash pads and pools you can take advantage of during the summer months which are always fun for kids!


Many theaters run specials for kids during the summer which are a really good deal. Our city also hosts a “movie in the park” (free) which we prefer since we can take the whole family.


We love going to the park, however with the summer heat we have to go first thing in the morning. It is fun to make a morning out of a family walk + play time.

6.Muesuems/Kid Places

Many cities have children’s museums that are fun to go to and are typically a reasonable price or have an annual price option. There are also fun places to take advantage of such as trampoline parks, indoor play places, bowling, skating, etc. If you have younger children, definitely check to see if there are any “toddler time” days or options!

7.Breakfast/Lunch Dates

Our boys love playing at the indoor Chick-fil-A playground so we have made a weekly breakfast date tradition out of it. We go early enough where it isn’t crowded and our older son will play for a good 2 hours. It is also a fun and easy way to hang out with other friends!

8.Special Outings

There are many fun places to visit during the summer such as the zoo, water parks, amusement parks, etc. We have a couple places on our calendar, however want to be mindful of our boy’s ages and what they can handle/enjoy.

9. Adventure Walks

I love walking with the boys, however recently we have been joining our neighbors on adventure walks. My friend creates a list of items for the kids to find, and they have an absolute blast. It is an easy way to change up a normal walk.

10.Backyard Activities

We like to make the backyard a fun area during the summer. We borrow our neighbor’s blow up water slide/pool for a couple weeks, stock up on things for the water table as well as our things for our activity bucket.

I would love to know what you enjoy during the summer break!

As always, sending light and love.



One Year Old Schedule

Our youngest son recently turned one and I feel like we finally have a pretty good schedule in place for him. We were very flexible with his schedule when he primarily nursed since I fed on demand and we followed his sleepy cues with naps. Once he started eating solids and having breakfast, lunch, and dinner he naturally fell into a nap routine. I am now starting the weening process so we are also structed with nursing times. I thought I would share what his day to day currently looks like to give some ideas or insight. It will change as I reduce the nursing sessions over the weeks and eventually he will transition to just one nap. I would love to know anything that works for your family!

6:00am (ish)- Wake Up + Nurse

7:30am (ish)- Wake Up For The Day + Snack

8:00am (ish)- Breakfast

10:30am (ish)- Nurse + Morning Nap

12:30pm (ish)- Wake Up + Lunch

2:30pm (ish)- Nurse + Afternoon Nap

4:00pm (ish)- Wake Up

5:00pm- Dinner

6:20pm- Bath + Bed Time Routine

6:45pm-Nurse + Bed

He eats a morning snack and afternoon snack whenever he seems hungry so there are no specific times. I will also take away one of the nap nursing sessions in the next week or so. I share food options and meals on my Instagram which you can check out here.

As always, sending light and love.



1 Year Motherhood Second Baby

I recently shared my one year postpartum update that you can read about here. I thought I would piggy back off of that and share my thoughts on motherhood and what I have learned throughout the past 12 months. You can read my thoughts with our first son here.

It definitely has been a year of growth for our entire family as we have transitioned and adjusted to our new “normal”. Although we have had some challenges, we have also had so much joy, laughter, and an immense amount of love. I would love to know anything you learned going from one to two little ones!

1.Flexibility is key – we like to follow a “loose routine”

2.All babies are different – there is no one size fits all

3.Do what works for you and your family – you are the only one in the day to day

4.Plan one on one time with your older children…it is a big change for them

5.Do not get caught up in social media motherhood and “expectations” with different stages- kids will be kids!

6.Make memories

7.Fill your own cup

8.Communicate clearly with your spouse – they can’t read your mind or know how you feel

9.Support and encourage different personalities/ strengths with your children and verbally let them know – there is so much power in words

10.Soak in each stage and appreciate it for what it is- they pass by quickly

BONUS: Find people who support/encourage you or make you feel valid. Don’t be afraid to reach out to those people when you need it!

As always, sending light and love