Back To School Routines

This year me and my two sons are all going to our Mother’s Day Out together. They will be attending and I will be teaching, which has already been so much fun! I thought I would share some of our routines that makes things easier for our family during busier seasons. I would love to know what works for you!

1.Meal Planning + Prep

I have shared some posts on meal planning which you can check out here, Planning + Prepping Family Meals and Meal Planning Tips. I love having a plan for the week, because it takes the guess work out of deciding what to eat or cook for our family!

2.Consistent Bedtime

If you know me personally, you know bedtime is the one thing I don’t really budge on. I think a consistent bedtime routine is so important not only for our kids, but also ourselves! You can read more here, Why I Value Routines.

3.Designated Chore Days

Since I only have a couple days at home (aside from the weekend), I have to be intentional about when I clean or do any daily “chores”. I have shared how I prefer to maintain or clean our home, which you can read more on here, Weekly Cleaning Schedule (monthly), Weekly Cleaning + Chores, Maintaining A Tidy Home.

4.Morning Routine

I have shared that I like to get a lot done before my kids wake up for the day. There is something about a quiet house that I absolutely love. Since we are out of the house 3 days a week, I have had to create a new routine that works for our schedule.

5.Family Calendar

I love keeping a family calendar in our office space. I personally like using a desk calendar because they are large and easy to deal with. It is an easy way for my husband and I to see the entire month at a glance and what we have going on. I also keep ours color coordinated to differentiate. I am a paper/pen person so this works best for my brain!

I hope everyone is having a great start to the year!

As always, sending light and love.




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