3 Things We Do In Our Marriage: Part 3

My husband and I recently celebrated our seventh year of marriage with a much needed getaway. Each year I like to reflect on different aspects of our marriage and share some thoughts. You can check out the following posts here: 3 Things We Do In Our Marriage, 3 Things We Do In Our Marriage: Part 2, and What I Wouldn’t Change About Our Wedding.

I thought I would share three more things that I think have been important for our marriage over the past year with adding another little one to the mix. I would love to know anything that works for you and your spouse!

1.Trip Together

Since we both have summer birthdays and an anniversary we decided to take a trip together instead of exchange gifts as well as make it a yearly tradition. It was so nice having alone time and can be much needed when you have little people at home!

2.Love Language

I have realized the other we get, the more important it is to know each other’s love language and practice them. My husband and I are opposite so we both have to be mindful to do things to make the other feel loved or appreciated.

3.Time Together

I mentioned in a previous post finding hobbies or activities to do together. However, I also think it is important just to have down time with one another. We are very consistent with our boy’s bedtime which allows us to have time together from 7-10pm every night.

As always, sending light and love.




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