10 Things That Help Me “Adult”: Part 2

I recently shared 5 things that helped me “adult” a little bit better. You can check out that post here: 10 Things That Help Me “Adult”: Part 1. Today I wanted to share the remaining five! I would love to know if you do any of these 10 things, or if there is something else that helps things run smoothly!

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6.Laundry/Sheet Days

I feel like laundry is a never ending feat. From all of our regular clothes, to work clothes, to towels, to bedding…it just goes on! I have realized that for me I basically have to do a different load each day. I will fold that load the next morning while I am watching the news and drinking coffee, or during nap. I have also allocated the 1st and the 15th of the month as “bedding days” to strip and wash all our bedding. It has helped me not be so overwhelmed and keeps me on track!


Since we cook so much and primarily eat at home, we always have so many dishes. I now wait to run our dishwasher at night so it has plenty of time to dry and will unload it before I wake up my son. It is so nice having a specific time to wash and unload and has made a difference!

8.Financial Awareness/Tracking

Taking ownership of your finances will help so much with simply being aware. There are so many ways and systems to keep up with them as well as budget, it truly is amazing! You can check out some of my financial thoughts here: Financial Lessons Part 1Financial Lessons Part 2.

9. Wake Up Clock

This has been amazing for our toddler! We introduced one shortly after he turned two to prepare him for when he sleeps in a “big boy bed”. He now loves it because he knows when it is “sleep” time and when it is “morning” time, especially if he wakes up in the middle of the night. He has also learned that if he is awake early he waits until it turns green for us to come in. It has been such a blessing having a structured wake up time and knowing what time I start mom mode!

10. Weekend Morning Shifts

Once my son finished nursing (around 15-16 months) my husband and I started switching off weekend mornings. He would be on morning duty one day, and I would take the other. This was such a game changer for me personally since I was so used to always waking up to nurse. Whoever has the “morning shift” will bring the other coffee in bed and just allow alone time/relaxation which is SO needed for both of us! It truly is amazing.





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