Baby Wellness Checks: 9-12 Months

Our youngest son recently turned a year, which is hard to believe! I have shared what to expect with wellness visits throughout the first year which you can check out here. I wanted to share months 9-12 to round up the first year of check-ups and expectations. If your doctor doesn’t give you a schedule or handout of appointment information, I would suggest asking!

Wellness Check #8: 12 Months

This check up is very similar to prior visits in regards to a developmental questionnaire and physical exam. Many times you will fill out the questionnaire prior to the visit so the doctor already knows topics to discuss. For this appointment, my son first had his measurements taken which is then printed to me on growth charts (also available in his portal). He then had his blood taken by the nurse to run some standard blood work (finger prick). The doctor did a complete physical exam and discussed development as well as any areas of concern. The main topics were eating, nursing (transitioning to cows), safety, speech development, sleep and what to expect by the next visit.

I am given a handout that is sectioned with each discussion topic as a general reference and my doctor will make personal notes with anything we discussed or she recommended on it. It also has a “next visit” section so I know what to be looking for in the upcoming months. Routine vaccinations are also given at 12 months if you choose to follow the recommended schedule.

I would love to know anything that surprised you with wellness checks within the first year!

As always, sending light and love.




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