One Year Old Schedule

Our youngest son recently turned one and I feel like we finally have a pretty good schedule in place for him. We were very flexible with his schedule when he primarily nursed since I fed on demand and we followed his sleepy cues with naps. Once he started eating solids and having breakfast, lunch, and dinner he naturally fell into a nap routine. I am now starting the weening process so we are also structed with nursing times. I thought I would share what his day to day currently looks like to give some ideas or insight. It will change as I reduce the nursing sessions over the weeks and eventually he will transition to just one nap. I would love to know anything that works for your family!

6:00am (ish)- Wake Up + Nurse

7:30am (ish)- Wake Up For The Day + Snack

8:00am (ish)- Breakfast

10:30am (ish)- Nurse + Morning Nap

12:30pm (ish)- Wake Up + Lunch

2:30pm (ish)- Nurse + Afternoon Nap

4:00pm (ish)- Wake Up

5:00pm- Dinner

6:20pm- Bath + Bed Time Routine

6:45pm-Nurse + Bed

He eats a morning snack and afternoon snack whenever he seems hungry so there are no specific times. I will also take away one of the nap nursing sessions in the next week or so. I share food options and meals on my Instagram which you can check out here.

As always, sending light and love.




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