1 Year Postpartum Second Baby

I don’t know how, but our younger son will be one in a week. His first year has truly flown by, and I am really trying to take the time to soak everything in. There are many lessons I have learned this past year that I will be sharing soon, however today I wanted to share some on my postpartum experience the second time around. I have shared some of my experience here: Recovery Baby 2, Non Negotiables Postpartum , Postpartum Wellness, 6 months Postpartum, and Health Goals Postpartum. You can also find more pregnancy/postpartum posts in my designated tab!

If there is one thing I have learned the second time around is that keeping my cup full is vital during this season of life. Not only do I feel like I am a better mom, but I feel like the entire house maintains a positive and joyful energy. With our older son I experienced a lot of mom guilt when I chose to do things for myself and struggled with navigating and finding that balance. This time around has been a completely different experience because I know how necessary it is to focus on my entire well-being including physical, social, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. I also have an extremely supportive husband who constantly encourages me to do things for myself while he holds down the fort.

I am still exclusively breastfeeding which has added another layer this past year of hormones, body changes, and logistics. Although I am so grateful for the opportunity to breastfeed again, I am looking forward to some body independence when the time comes. I honestly haven’t had too many postpartum symptoms that women can experience the first year after birth. The only noticeable one has been a ton of hair shedding, which is common.

Like with anything else, postpartum is a season that quickly passes. However it can feel never ending if you are having a difficult experience. I highly encourage anyone struggling to talk to someone or get whatever help you are needing!

Stay tuned for my yearly reflections and thoughts.

As always, sending light and love.




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