Women’s Gift Guide 2020: Part 2

I recently shared some of my favorite gifts for women here : Women’s Gift Guide 2020: Part 1. Today I wanted to share five more ideas. I am definitely an early shopper and like getting my list taken care of as soon as possible! I would love to know your favorite gifts or go tos!

6.Water Bottle

I am a huge water drinker and always appreciate a nice water bottle. We love our Hydro Flasks but have also been enjoying Super Sparrow because they fit in the cup holder. I also added another 40 ounce cup with a handle to drink around the house for my list this year (tumbler). If you have someone who isn’t a big water drinker you could also do a coffee tumbler or thermal cup for around the house.


This is dependent on the person you are gifting for, but it is always nice receiving more jewelry pieces that are your style! You could do something more sentimental with child initials, birthstones, or special dates if you want to purchase a nicer piece. My favorite necklace is a simple diamond C for my son! You could also do more trendy pieces if the person enjoys wearing things like that. It really is tailored to the individual, which is great!

8.Travel Bag

If you have someone who loves to travel, purchasing a nice suitcase, carry on, backpack or accessory may be a good gift. Once again you can tailor it to the individual person and spend within your price range which is nice! You could also buy a bag specific to their “season” or interest (gym, school, etc). For example, I asked for a really nice diaper bag this year, which is not something I would go purchase for myself!

9.House Shoes

I don’t know about you, but I love a good pair of slippers! I currently have Uggs and love them, however I know there are so many great brands out there! You could pair house shoes with a nice throw blanket, robe, or PJs!


There are so many neat subscription services that can be gifted in a certain month allotment. Anything from makeup, to cooking, to coffee, to wine. There is honestly something for everyone. Subscriptions are always fun because a lot of people won’t purchase them for themselves, but have fun trying new things! I recently purchased Bean Box thanks to my friend Nicole!

I will be sharing stocking stuffers for me, my husband, and toddler next for more gift ideas on my YouTube!



*Amazon links are affiliate links!


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