Men’s Gift Guide : Part 1

I have been brain storming my husband’s Christmas list and began thinking about some of his favorite gifts from the past years. I thought I would share ten of his favorite gifts incase anyone is needing some ideas for the holiday season! Below are the first five…stay tuned for the next!

I would love to know some of your favorite gifts for men!

1.Range Finder

If you know someone who loves golf, a range finder would be a great gift! There are so many options and different price ranges to tailor to personal interests/needs.


This is a great thermometer for anyone who looks to cook or grill. We have gifted them to many men, and my husband uses his daily! They will also run deals throughout the year for a better price.

3.Weekend Bag

Purchasing a nice weekend/travel bag will be something your loved one can keep forever. I chose to purchase a weekend bag from Italy since my husband and I loved their leather products when we visited. It can be a splurge depending what size you purchase, but definitely worth the investment!

4.Water Bottle

Having a nice, sturdy water bottle is always nice! My husband loves his hydroflask (linked above) or his Super Sparrow one! He likes having a large stainless steal, and likes that the Sparrow one can fit in the cup holder!

5.Date Night/ Activity

Booking an activity is always a nice gesture and fun to do! It can be anything from a date night to an excursion on an upcoming trip, or just something to do together. I have gifted my husband a cooking class, my father in law a murder mystery family dinner, and my parents a wine tour on a vacation.

Part two will be coming soon!



*Amazon links are affiliate links. If you chose to use them, I receive a small commission. Thanks for the support!


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